Wide Painted Wall Stripes

by Winetou

Wide vertical wall stripes

Wide vertical wall stripes

My wife saw a picture like this in a home decorating catalog, and she wanted a room just like that. I immediately agreed, because I just love the look of painted stripes.

First, I wanted to paint the stripes horizontally, so that the walls would look longer, giving the illusion of more space, but I had to give up, and paint them vertically, because that's what my wife wanted; now the room seems taller.

I love the colors that were used for painting these stripes. The original picture in the catalog was painted in blue and white stripes, but our room is darker (we rarely get sun in that part of the house) and we had to choose other colors.

I think yellow and orange are amplifying the light very well, making the room look brighter.

Unfortunately, as much as we wanted to paint the room ourselves (it seemed like a fun project), we had to hire professional house painters to do the job for us, otherwise I`m pretty sure the room would have looked completely different.

I know nobody likes to move stuff around the house, and start redecorating again.. but once you finish the room, you'll see that it`s worth your money and your time: you now have the house of your dreams.

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by: Anonymous

Looks great. Very cheerful and happy. I'd like to do a laundry room like you've done your room, then i would enjoy doing chores. Keep up the good work. Luv it.

Color color color
by: Frognail

Love, love, love the colors!!! Good for you!! I used to paint all the walls in every room of my home Dover White. I was afraid if I ever sold my home the potential buyers may not like the colors I chose. Now, years later and several moves under my belt, I realize that the next person can paint the walls any color they want and I'm gonna live in the moment!! Yay color!!!!!

paint colors
by: Anonymous

I just love the darker stripe color, I am looking for THAT color for my kitchen. So far I have bought 7 sample paints and none of them do it for me. Can you tell me what brand and color name you used here?
Thank you!!! (and thanks from by hubby :)

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