Vertical Wall Stripes in a Period Bedroom - Yellow and Cream Paint Color Combination

by Kristen
(Meriden, CT)

Wide vertical stripes on the walls of our spare bedroom

Wide vertical stripes on the walls of our spare bedroom

I live in a very old house built in 1723. When we moved in, this spare bedroom had two layers of OLD and UGLY wallpaper. Since the ceiling in this room is extremely low, I wanted to visually heighten the room.

I thought of doing vertical striped wallpaper, but then realized after removing the old wallpaper, that I wouldn't wish the job of wallpaper removal on anyone and decided to paint the room instead.

I wanted to choose paint colors that are "unisex" and appeal to all ages, but something that kept with the period of the home.

I ended up using two flat enamel paints, one a light cream color, and the other a muted/buttery yellow.

The colors looked nice by themselves, but once on the wall, and with bedding in place, I really-really like the end result! If we sell the house, it could function as a child or an adult bedroom easily.

To make the wall stripes, I used the painter's tape with the least amount of adhesive, a laser level which project a neat little red line where I needed to tape, a pencil, and a ruler.

The stripes are 8 inches apart. I used a small paint trim roller to paint in between the tape and a small brush (1 and 1/2 inch angled) to use in the corners of the rooms.

The room is not complete, as I still need some accent pieces, but aren't all of our homes a work in progress! :)

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I love it!
by: Anonymous

I LOVE the colors, it looks beautiful! I've actually been thinking about using close to the same colors for our bedroom, but couldn't visualize how it would look when it was done. Now I can! :)

Striped wall painting
by: Anonymous

I did a striped painting job in a bathroom for a customer in Seattle. It added a lot of depth to the room. The biggest challenge was the layout. She had a medium knockdown texture so even with frog tape it was a bit of a challenge keeping the lines super sharp.

I wish I had taken a photo of it to show the before and after (I own a small painting company in Seattle).

What colors?
by: Anonymous

Hi! I love the colors! I want to do this to our powder room, but can't find the right cream color paint or yellow paint. I have 6 samples of yellow paint and they're all too lemony or orange and the cream colors I tried are all too dark. Can you tell me what kind of paint and the name of the colors?? Thanks!

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