Unusual Accent Wall in My Room

by Prakhar Bhatnagar
(Mumbai, Maharastra, India)

Creative yellow accent wall

Creative yellow accent wall

The picture is of my room - where I work, and spend my whole day. I was thinking of adding an accent wall to shake things up, but wasn't sure what exactly I wanted. So I decided to use Photoshop to help me come up with ideas for my wall.

I picked a yellow color for the base/background, because I like yellow - to me it is a color of sun, of never stopping energy and joy. Since I spend so much time in this room working, playing, etc., I wanted it to be full of life and energy, and pleasing to my eyes.

I also added some white bands to break up the wall and create some interest or surprise.

Then I called professional painters who transferred my Photoshop idea into reality. They used some special finishes to give the design an extra edge.

And as a final touch I decorated my wall with a frame that I simply painted on by hand. This element I like the most.

I love writing good stuff on my wall, sometimes motivational, sometimes something funny. I can change the message any time I want, because I use colored chalks, and the wall paint is washable.

I created this feature wall for myself, but to my amazement I got so much positive response from everyone who visited my room!

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Fun project!
by: Yelena

Sounds like you had fun creating this accent wall! The style is definitely not conventional, but it's great that it reflects your taste and personality, because that's what's most important thing when it comes to decorating with paint :)

Amazing, quite creative
by: Shweta

Nice wall, I liked your idea a lot, the bars look amazing on yellow textured wall, I was searching for something like this and surely going to implement some ideas from your post;)

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