Unexpected Effect of Adding an Accent Wall

by Yelena Kublitski
(project in Somers Point, NJ)

Freshly painted, bold red statement wall

Freshly painted, bold red statement wall

Molly (our painting customer) felt that her living room looked boxy, bland and boring. She wanted to add some drama to it by creating a focal wall in a different, contrasting color.

She looked around the room for some color ideas: the walls and carpet were a pinkish beige color, and there was red in the chair upholstery and other decor elements.

So she just matched the existing red and asked up to use the same shade for painting the feature wall, because she liked the dynamic background it created.

Molly was more than happy with the end result. She just wanted to upgrade the style of the room, but also got an unexpected bonus because the room now looked much warmer, cozier and more inviting than before.

She says her family now spends most of their time in that room, because the color scheme now lends itself to conversations, fun games and quality family time, and no wonder - red color is famous for its effect of bringing people together and promoting excitement!

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Great look
by: Angela Burton

I love the idea of using a contrasting colour on one wall, and how in this example the focal point of the wall with the fireplace gives the room a great feel and cozy-ness.

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