Turquoise Paint Color on My Home Office Walls

by Hilary

The color turquoise is a great backdrop for tired eyes

The color turquoise is a great backdrop for tired eyes

I converted this eight by eight spare bedroom in my home to my office space for bill payments and other projects, for when I needed a calming space to work in.

I used Glidden egg shell finish paint in Deepest Aqua, which I received a free quart of from their website.

I ended up purchasing another gallon, because a quart was only enough to finish one wall. I purchased the paint from Home Depot, and it was mixed right in the store for me.

The color turquoise / aqua puts me in a really happy mood, and it makes me think of spring time and the cool blue of swimming pools. I really love how it brightens the room, and makes the space seem open and cheerful.

I used two coats of the paint for a rich color and even finish. I used a roller for the main area, and a brush along with some thin blue painter's tape to get an even, clean edge in the corners.

I left the windows and the molding in their original white color, because I thought it was a nice contrast to the deep aqua / turquoise, and any other color might clash.

The egg shell finish of the paint is not too glossy. In fact, it is a nice matte finish with very little glare to it. I am so pleased with the way it turned out!

I would recommend this or any other cool color in the blue or purple family to somebody who wanted to convey a sense of peace and calm for their personal work space.

It takes a steady hand and a lot of confidence to paint an entire room, but it is so easy once you get going!

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Turquoise color
by: Morgan

It's funny that you say it makes you happy because my sister says the same thing about her bedroom that is this color. I myself do not care for this color, but my sister loves it and painted her bedroom in it. She says it is relaxing and makes her feel happy.

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