Tone-On-Tone Stripes in My Powder Room

by Yelena Kublitski
(Galloway, NJ)

Tone-on-tone wall striping

Tone-on-tone wall striping

If you have some paint leftovers from old projects, why not use them up for painting wall stripes? That's exactly what I did. We had recently remodeled our powder room, and I was getting ready to paint it.

My inspiration for the color scheme became a pretty floor mat that I had bought, so I took this floor mat with me in the garage and checked if we had any of the colors I needed.

I found that we had a little bit of tan color which I could use, and we had just enough of it to paint the stripes. But I didn't have enough of cream color, so I took some white paint and added some of the same tan color to it, until I got the shade I needed.

The stripes came out perfect - just the way I wanted; I saved time, money and gas because I didn't have to go buy any paint; I used up some of our paint leftovers that we would've had to dispose of at some point; and I didn't contribute to the environmental pollution.

Woohoo! What's not to love?

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What a neat idea!
by: Anne

I never thought of using paint leftovers for anything like this! And it never occurred to me to mix different paints to create a new color... duh!
That's a really great money-saving and environmentally friendly idea - I'll see what I have in my garage that I can use for painting stripes or maybe for an accent wall. Your stripes look very clean and balanced, I'll try to come up with something similar. Thanks for the idea!

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