Subtle Blue Painted Wall Stripes in the Dining Room

by Brad Salunek
(Mason, Ohio, USA)

Tone-on-tone paint stripes

Tone-on-tone paint stripes

My dining room was terribly outdated when I moved into my current house. It had floral wallpaper on the top half of the walls and maroon paint on the lower half. I decided to sell the old dining set and china cabinet that came with the house and use the money to re-do my dining room.

I bought a new set to keep the room clean and simple, and overall I think I got the effect I was looking for. I was going for more of a contemporary look and I think I achieved it.

The brand paint I used was BEHR Premium Plus ULTRA. The color of the base is Gentle Sky and the stripes are Crystal Waters.

My inspiration came from my love of the ocean and the beach. I like bright, cool colors and clean color schemes. I knew going to the hardware store what I had in mind as far as paint color goes.

I started off with yellow, but after I slept on it I really disliked the look of the room. I took another trip to the store and settled on the Gentle Sky Blue.

I was browsing a BEHR paint brochure and saw a dining room with an accent wall that featured lighter colored stripes, and I very much liked the look. I then picked out a lighter toned blue and chose the Crystal Waters for my stripes.

The stripes on the wall add some drama to the room. Although I'm a fan of clean and chilled designs, some drama was necessary here. I don't tend to entertain much, only on holidays, so I wasn't too concerned about my furniture pieces and wall treatments.

My advice to others who are new to DIY projects and renovations is to enjoy and have fun with what you are doing. Use your imagination and implement into your project, what makes you, you.

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Beautiful Stripes
by: Capstone Painting

Paint is a wonderful thing. The elegant stripes shown in this post are superb, adding charm and sophistication.

Love this painting idea
by: Anonymous

We painted many rooms like this for customers, they love the effect and it does add some style, I love it!!

Painter in Riverside, Ca
by: Anonymous

Love this effect, gave me a great idea for my dining room... Thanks!!

by: Perth Painters

Hey Brad -

Good inspiration for home decorators and DIY'ers - you don't need to go crazy to drastically improve the look or feel of a room.

Even decorating one 'feature' wall in a different colour (or pattern as you've done here) can give a room a big lift.


painting wall stripes
by: Anonymous

You can easily transform your house if you have certain ideas. The key is to choose a good contractor that really understands what you need and what you want.

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