Spanish Villa With Bold Orange Interior Colors

by Rama Ananth
(Bangalore, India)

View of our bedroom

View of our bedroom

We have a Spanish Villa in Bangalore, India (built 12 years ago) that we decided to repaint. We were very much happy with the colors we had before, but because we had to buy new drapes for our bedrooms, the color scheme of the rooms had to change too, to match the new drapes.

Since I am a great fan of bold colors I chose these hues, but now I am wondering whether I was too bold.

I am putting up the pictures of our Master bedroom, which has a Tuscan Orange on the ceiling. I think it looks great with the dark green Bamboo rafters, and I simply love bold oranges.

At first, the wall below it was painted an olive green, which I didn't like after it was done, and so it had to be repainted.

My master painter said he could give it a textured finish with the same orange, made a little lighter with some white, and he would shade it with a bright yellow, to give it a textured look.

The finish looks great now, but together the Tuscan Orange and the mustard-ish yellow wall below don't seem to blend, that is what I feel.

However, both - if looked separately - look gorgeous, and it would break my heart to repaint the ceiling with an off white, because that is the only option I have left, for I cannot repaint the yellow wall, as it took a lot of effort in getting that finish, and I do like it.

Now here is where I have been trying to convince myself not to jump into any conclusion in a hurry.

I thought because the yellow wall is bare with nothing on it, it is kind of pulling down the total effect of the room. So I have been thinking of putting up some nice paintings, and also changing the old and drab bedspread, and the wall mounted lamp shades.

As for these two colors they have been picked from the drapes, which are made in Spain, and they too are beautiful, my picture is not doing full justice to them, as I am not a professional photographer.

Our flooring too is terracotta, with dark green marble diamonds in between, and our doors and windows are painted dark green, everything has an earthy tone.

All the other walls in the room are creamy white, and opposite the bed is full size room length big mirror framed with same type of dark green bamboo.

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Experiments with bold colors
by: Rama Ananth

Well, after staying with this color combination for a few days (especially at night), we felt it made the room too dark and reddish, and somehow gave it a very gloomy feel.

Everything had a tinge of orange/red, it was too depressing to read, or do anything in that room during the night.

My heart broke many times, but the color on the wall had to go. I had spent money on the paint, the painter, and now I had to buy off white paint to redo the whole wall again.

I liked the ceiling in the burnt orange color, so I decided to keep it.

Although the whole room looked absolutely fantastic in the mornings but come evening it became unbearable.

Now it is almost 5 years since I changed the color of the wall behind the bed, and I am happy with the off white wall and the burnt orange ceiling.

I went crazy with my love for orange and had the same painter do the ceiling of my kitchen, and it was also looking very beautiful and bright in the morning, but alas, in the evening even with bright lighting it gave a very eerie feeling, we could not even make out the colors of the vegetables that were being cooked.

My husband said, "enough is enough, just change it into creamy white".

Now I have this textured orange color in our lounge area upstairs, and in our living room downstairs, were they look absolutely fantastic.

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