Sky Blue Paint Color in My Living Room

by Rachel
(Athens, Georgia, USA)

Blue paint colors are very soothing

Blue paint colors are very soothing

I moved into this apartment last year after breaking up with my boyfriend of 7 years. I knew the landlords would allow me to paint the walls whatever color I chose as long as I painted them white again before I left, but moving day was in the near future and I hadn’t chosen a color yet.

I wanted something blue, perhaps, or maybe red. I couldn’t decide, but thought I would move in first and then decide later if I had a strong opinion about either color.

The day before I was to move in, my landlords called me up and offered to help me paint the apartment since they were inside cleaning the walls anyway, and they even offered to pay for the paint as long as I stuck with a particular brand, which ended up being Valspar.

I went to the home improvement store and looked at the paint color swatches, and I finally decided on a color called Schoolboy Blue. It was a very pale, sky blue color, which I thought would look very subtle and serene on the walls.

We spent only a few hours painting the walls in the small apartment, two of us detailing the corners and borders and the other making huge sweeps across the walls with a roller.

In all, it took maybe three hours for three of us to paint a 1000 sq. ft. apartment, and I think the blue color looks fabulous.

The floors are hardwood and dark, and the color of the paint really brings a substantial amount of light to the whole place.

The Valspar paint was a little more expensive than other brands, but it turned out to be a high quality paint with hardly any drips and only a minimal amount of paint fumes while it was still wet.

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Beautiful Color
by: Faith

This is a very beautiful color and I like it with the hardwood floors. I prefer Valspar paint because it does not have all of those fumes. I always seem to get a headache when painting because of the fumes.

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