Simple White Wall Paint Color: Our Living Room Makeover

by Cindi Malone
(Henderson, MI)

Behr white paint, satin finish on the walls

Behr white paint, satin finish on the walls

When we first bought the house, this living room was painted a pretty bright orange color and everyone hated it. So of course it was the first on the list to be repainted!

When choosing a paint color for the walls, I wanted to create a soft, easy-on-the-eyes look.

I also didn't want the wall color to limit me; I wanted to be able to use and add different colors without it looking bad.

That's why I chose this neutral shade of white.

I used Behr White paint in a satin finish because I have children and needed the walls to be easy to wash the little finger marks off of.

I loved the way it turned out: I have white and earthy mustard furniture and it all blends very well together.

Another reason why I wanted to use a light color paint is because the room isn't very big and I didn't want to close it up with a dark color.

I give same advice to someone who is painting a smaller room in their home: be sure to use lighter colors and you will create the effect that the room is actually bigger than what it is.

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