Shiny Purple Faux Finish Effect "Spatula" on My Bedroom Accent Wall

by Kamela Ahmedi
(Hyderabad, India)

Purple play finish on my wall

Purple play finish on my wall

This is a picture of my bedroom. I am a 19yr old girl. I am inclined towards creativity, therefore I now have a wall in my room that reflects my experimental and creative and fun nature.

I chose only one large wall for this paint effect. The main idea behind this project was to have a change of look and feel in this personal space.

I chose this color because it looked bold and warm, just what I wanted to transform the mood of this room.

The effect of the beautiful wine purple wall contrasts nicely with the other walls of my room which are covered in a cream wallpaper.

We used Asian Paints for this project and they did a marvelous job. We selected the 'Spatula Effect' application technique - the bold strokes create an uneven look and really accentuate the living space.

The color used in the base coat was 'Electric pink' and the top coat was 'Purple Prose'. This combination of subtle contrast brought about just the right shades of purple I wanted.

The top coat is a specially formulated glaze that is easy to apply and retains the pattern left by the tool that created it. However, speed during the job is important as the top coat starts to dry within minutes of application.

This special effect paint added dimension, visual depth, and drama to my bedroom in an easy and cost effective way.

The project was done in a very professional and time efficient manner. It was done within two days and had the desired effect.

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by: Andy

Never seen this "Spatula" paint effect before, I must say it's quite nice.

Superb wall effect!
by: Shvetal Pandya

Superb color combination and wall effect. Thanks for uploading your wall image!

I have also selected "Electric Pink" for the base coat and "Purple Prose" for the top coat for my bedroom before finding your wall photo.

Also, the base color has developed on the wall, but I was too confused to choose the best play effect for this color combination, and when I searched on this web-site, your wall photo became an inspiration for the wall in my home. Thanks again!

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