Red Barn Paint Color and Texture on My Living Room Walls

by Sabrina
(Sherman, TX)

Barn Red paint color with a texture

Barn Red paint color with a texture

When we purchased our first home, my husband and I both knew that it was going to be a very large project. The first thing that we decided to do was paint our living room, since it was the main room of the home and the first thing that everyone sees when they come in.

We figured we would feel most accomplished by starting with this room, since we will see it so often.

We decided on a deep, dark red (the paint color is called Barn Red ) because it is so bold and bright, and we had lived in a WHITE apartment for our entire relationship.

We read up on wall texturing online, and found a video about a texture that you do with mud and a brush.

We went to Lowes and bought a bucket, mud, and the same brush they used online to complete our project. It was fairly cheap, which we needed since we were remodeling our entire home!

We had to go back to get primer, which we read was very important to cover up the existing horrid green color that the house had been painted.

We put the first coat of primer on and it already looked better. We put the texture on, and it took a few times to get it the way we wanted it to be.

First the mud was too thick, then too liquid and thin, but for first timers I think we were doing a good job.

It took a few coats of the red to get it all covered, but I guess that's what we got for buying cheaper paint. But it finally turned out a rich dark red and we were very pleased.

It has been about 3 months, and we are still in love with it. The only thing that is bad is that when something falls against it, it kicks off all the texture and leaves little white bumps.

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