Red Accent Wall For a Small Dining Space

by Autumn
(Newark, DE)

Focal wall in the dining nook

Focal wall in the dining nook

I wanted to make the space seem a little cozier so I chose a bright yet deep shade of red. It also helped to define the dining area given the walk-through space we had to work with (it's a small apartment).

It was pretty easy to select the color. We already had accent pieces that tied in with an earthy rich burnt red type color, so we knew the red would work perfectly.

In fact, we picked the entire color scheme for the dining room from the framed painting - candles, placemats, napkins, napkin rings, etc.

We loved the painting and thought it was a safe way to borrow color ideas from. The colors in the painting look good and harmonious together, and so does out dining room now.

Picking the right wall is the first step. Then of course settling on a color.

If using things you already have, group them together and put paint swatches behind the groupings to see how the color changes when paired with other colors.

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great look
by: WC

The red is rich and vibrant but at the same time it's a very settled color for the eating area. It works great here. Also love the table colors and how you set it up.

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