Purple Focal Wall in my Bedroom

by Tera
(Watertown, NY)

Deep purple accent wall in my bedroom

Deep purple accent wall in my bedroom

After finally getting around to clean and move things around in the bedroom, I figured that it’s best that I do some painting as well. I’ve always seen things about doing an accent wall, but I’ve never been sure what wall to accent. SO, I figured the best way to do it and not screw it up was to use my bedroom.

It’s really obvious which wall I should accent because it was the one with the bed up against it. I know that some people take a long time in choosing it, but I don’t think it counts when it’s in the bedroom.

So, we went for purple in the entire room with a cream ceiling. We painted the walls light purple and then used the accent wall for the deep, rich purple.

I wouldn’t really say that it was all that hard, but there is something when it comes to matching the edges that I just didn’t figure out. It looks alright form afar, but if you look closely, you can kind of tell that I messed up :)

That’s alright, though. It was fun. It was a nice, fun weekend project to do with some friends and after it’s all said and done, it turned out pretty nice, if I do say so. Maybe next time I’ll have someone else do it, though.

I always thought that the use of purple in this room would really bring out the nice wood tones and I was totally right! Score one more for me!

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Great choice of colors!
by: Yelena

And here's 2 tips for you:

- next time try using blue painter's tape for clean lines, especially when working with such deep colors

- consider painting the light fixtures' cords the same deep purple (the part of cord where it is against the wall), it will be less noticeable

You did a great job with your bedroom!

Just a suggestion
by: emylay

The room looks good. I would run the cords of your lamps up the corners of your room tacking them down with small hooks. You cover any corner mistakes to a certain degree and you get the white cords off of your purple wall. Plus even seeing the cord coming at a diagonal on the ceiling might be a neat look.

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