Painting Stripe Combination in a Kids' Bathroom

by Yelena Kublitski
(project in Avalon, NJ)

Multi-stripe pattern

Multi-stripe pattern

Our customer Kelly found this wall stripe pattern while thumbing through a home decor catalog.

She liked the color and stripe combination so much, that she decided to make her kids' bathroom look exactly like the one in the catalog (she even bought the towel set and some accent pieces that appeared in the same photo).

The pattern called for 3 colors and 3 different stripe sizes, so it took us about 3 days to finish this small bathroom, because we had to wait for each color to dry completely before we could remove and re-apply the masking tape without damaging the finish.

We then used the light blue color from the stripe pattern to paint the kids' adjoining bedroom (no stripes, just one color) to pull it all together.

We thought the result was quite picture perfect!

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by: Jackie

Adorable! But I am not sure I would have the patience to pull off such a complex pattern - I usually get lost and frustrated even with the usual 2 stripes combination, lol! Probably it would be better to use some professional help for this one.

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