New Faux Paint Finish "Parchment" in Our Kitchen

by Vicki
(Rehoboth Beach, Delaware)

Parchment faux painting effect

Parchment faux painting effect

My fiance has lived in his current house now for nearly 25 years. He took over the house when his mother got remarried and moved out. We obviously recently got engaged and I'm pretty much moved in.

He was aware of the need to update some features of the house and a fresh coat of paint the house needed everywhere.

We decided to focus on the dining room and kitchen first. With the kitchen, we took it one step further and chose a faux paint finish for the walls.

Looking back now, I wish I would of taken before and after pictures but just didn't think about it. I was very excited to try this new faux painting technique because it was a whole new experience. By the way, it's called parchment.

I feel like this finish helps to give texture to a smaller space. Having just re-painted the adjoining dining area I wanted to give the kitchen its own feel.

The color choice was pretty simple as well. I knew I wanted to take out the white wash feel the kitchen gave off and brighten it up but still keep it earthy. The cream, tan and mocha color combination did just that.

No 2 walls will ever come out the same with this technique, it's like each wall has its own personality, but that's the part I love the most.

I would appreciate some comments please! :)

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Great Faux Paint Finish
by: Winnipeg Painting

Great faux finish but I couldn't find any notes on your method. I have a small finished basement with great lighting I'd like to try your approach on. Please reply with a step by step process for this finish! Thanks!

how to?
by: Anonymous

I love this, it's beautiful but how do you do parchment painting? I would really like to do this on my boring accent wall in my living room!

Its all about the details...
by: Anonymous

To me, its all about the details. Not only do I love the colors you chose for this faux treatment, but I love the way the light switch plate got it too. It disappears into the wall (like it should), and more people should do this. Love it!

Excellent Job
by: KM Hutter

The finish came out really nice. Excellent job. The cabinets work really well with it also.

My only criticism is the stark white trim. It's a little pet peeve of mine, but stark white trim doesn't go with that kind of a faux finish. Try a light beige instead and it won't stick out like a sore thumb. Otherwise, it came out very nicely.

Out of curiosity, what products did you use and where did you get the idea for this particular faux treatment?

Beautiful finish
by: Tammy

This really is gorgeous! I am going to tear out the kitchen wallpaper (finally) and try it myself!

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