Natural Shade of Green Paint Color on Our Family Room Walls

by Matt D
(Cleveland, OH)

Family room painted a natural shade of green color

Family room painted a natural shade of green color

This is a picture of our family room. It originally had white painted walls and a bare beat up hardwood floor. We got a good deal on some navy blue carpeting and we were trying to figure out what color to paint the walls.

After wandering around a local paint store for the better part of an hour we settled on this 'fresh green' color.

I have always been a big fan of this particular shade of green but never really had an excuse to use it, so I was more than happy to get a chance to paint our family room this color. It also worked out well that all our furniture is brown so it all went really well with this.

I was extremely happy how well it all came together. I don't recall the brand any more. It's a very nice paint, the room has been painted around a year and half and the paint still looks as good as it did the first week.

Another thing I really liked about the paint is that the room is not as bright anymore. It was a bit uncomfortable having all white walls and bright sunlight in the room. The green is a nice natural color, which also goes well with all the woodwork.

To all others also on a budget I would recommend taking a little bit before picking a paint color.

We initially looked at a blue paint, but upon further inspection we realized that all the furniture and cabinet we had already went great with this fresh green color. Had we gotten the blue, things probably would not have matched as well, and I know I would not have been as happy with the outcome of the project.

So I guess summed up, don't rush to buy paint. Make sure you're getting the correct color for you.

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Good advice
by: Anonymous

Good advice for new DIY painters - 'TAKE TIME PICKING YOUR COLORS" - we have made a mess of our dining room by rushing our choice.

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