My White Japan Inspired Basement

by Eric Lancaster
(Arnold, MO, US)

White is a great wall color for relaxation

White is a great wall color for relaxation

I like Japanese style, and that's what I was going for here. Though most of the items in my room do not in fact have much to do with Japan, there is without a doubt, a certain look.

The bamboo had always been there. I had picked it up while shopping in a nice little store in the mall, sometime around Christmas. It sits proudly on the table, next to a frog as you can see.

What basically happened with the table, was simple. The legs which had previously supported the top, no longer held weight without falling. So as a quick fix, something had to substitute them. You cannot see it, but underneath is a small stool.

All in all, there was not much to work with. Hopefully in the future, more things along these lines can be done. This style makes me happy, and helps encourage relaxation. There are some other ideas which keep floating around. I’m thinking about adding a candle, or something like that.

My overall goal was to divide the room into different sections (for sleeping, studying and playing).

The walls had been painted by two friends of mine, before moving in. They worked really hard setting them up like they are now, but at one time the only color was gray!

This goes to show, that one can get a similar effect as to what they are looking for, without having to spend a lot of money.

I love how my room looks now; everything is nice and clean. Pretty good for the room of a twenty year old college student! I love it.

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