Modern Decorative Ceiling

by Prakhar Bhatnagar

Ceiling with a Carved Design

Ceiling with a Carved Design

This picture is of my vacation home in Nasik, Maharastra. My house is very big, beautiful and quite impressive, but I didn't like the way my foyer looked, because it looked boring and ordinary.

As you can see in the photo, there is not much wall space because of all the doors and windows, so I couldn't do much with the walls. That is why I turned my attention to the ceiling. Basically, I decided to turn my ceiling into an accent wall!

The walls in my foyer are very pale orange. I used the same color, only 3 shades darker for painting the ceiling. The colors looked good together, but still something was missing.

Then I saw a carved ceiling in somebody else's house, and wanted to do something like that in my own home.

The company that does these things created a custom design just for me, and they also installed it.

Now the ceiling looks complete and modern, just the way I wanted. Nobody expects to see something like this on a ceiling, so I get a lot of WOWs from my guests!

When the lights are on, the ceiling is reflected in the white tile on the floor, and the room becomes illuminated and even more radiant!

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Here's another WOW for you!
by: Yelena

And for those on a tight budget, instead of having such design custom made and then installed, you could simply use paint to create a similar effect:

Just paint an interesting shape on your ceiling in a contrasting combination of colors, and maybe even in different paint sheens for more dimension (for example, combine flat and high gloss finishes).

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