Faux Painting Effect "Tile" in My Bathroom

by Evelyn
(San Jose, CA)

Decorative tile imitation technique

Decorative tile imitation technique

In a tiny half-bath, I wanted to create the illusion of tile with paint. The color inspiration came from a home decorating magazine, showing a bath done in 2" tiles of varying shades of blue.

My local paint store helped me pick the colors to match the photo in the magazine. We chose six colors in shades of blue, from indigo to a light dove gray.

To create a tile effect, I used 2" blue painter's tape to tape a grid onto the walls. Alternating rows, I taped from the floor up to about 36", where a chair rail would be installed. Then, I placed the vertical grid elements, starting from the corner, also alternating tape / empty / tape, etc.

***In each square, I painted a different color - actually, I opened a can and painted about a dozen squares on each wall at random. Then, on to the next can/color, and so on. Soon, all the white spaces were filled.

After about an hour, when the paint started to dry, I carefully removed the tape (this prevents the tape from sticking to the paint).

This first round gives a windowpane effect.

The next day, I taped over the painted areas, using the same alternating grid pattern, and masked off layer two. Repeat from ***.

To fill the space, four layers are needed. It's a lot of taping, but well worth it!

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Interesting effect
by: Anonymous

This tile effect turned out really nice, the colors are great together, it reminds me of a pixelated computer graphic. Maybe other people will see different things in it but anyway, it's an interesting painting effect.

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