E. M. Roger's House (1907) - Exterior Painting Makeover

by Dustin Van Fleet
(Adel, Georgia)



The E. M. Roger's House is a 1907 Queen Anne Victorian home. My restoration and design team has nearly completed a $120,000 complete authentic restoration of the property located in Adel, GA.

The featured portion of the project will be the exterior painting project. The painting project took a lot of time and effort because we turned an all white over the hill Queen Anne Victorian into a stunning Painted Lady Victorian.

There were five Valspar Climate Zone semi gloss exterior colors including: Faded Limelight (siding), Summer Plant (porch floor, stairs), Easter Green (soffits, porch ceiling), Ultra Pure White (columns, window casings) and Hunter Green (window sashes, other small trim detail).

The home owner is a well known artist who likes bold pops of color. The color palette design was created with a freedom of expression frame of mind.

We are in South, GA and people are of the belief that things should never change. Because the house had always been white it was just a given that we would repaint it in white. Oh the shock and comments made when we unleashed my color design on the E. M. Roger's House in January of 2010!

At first the community was up in arms that we dared to change something that had always been the same way. As time progressed people started coming to me and telling me they loved it and now after its completion the entire community has supported this project and our vision for it.

So all in all yes the color palette and finish worked for us, we initially created it to get a buzz going in the community, instead we changed the way people in this rural small town community thought. That was a really rewarding and fulfilling portion of this design project.


Dustin Van Fleet

Van der Fleet Design and Restorations (Owner)
813 545-1698 (Cell)
309 E. 4th St.
Adel, GA 31620

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Great project
by: Yelena

Love the photos, and especially the story - thanks a lot for sharing, Dustin!

Roger's restoration
by: John Clayton

What a wonderful makeover....truly a huge asset to Adel and Southern Georgia....definitely a rising talent and someone going places...

Beautiful house
by: John F Gilbert

A very beautiful house. I am glad I was apart of this restoration. This house is amazing in many ways. From the color specs for each room to the unique custom designs and details. I look forward to future restorations. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Superb job
by: John Johnson

An unbelievably fine facelift for a great lady

by: Jacob Williams

What a FABULOUS job you have done! Good work!

by: Jared Dipsinski

What a wonderful make over! Your efforts are simply amazing! Who would of thought a $120,000 would make such a difference.

Absolutely Awesome
by: Anonymous

So glad that you convinced the owners to use the colors you choose, rather than white exterior. It really brings out the grandeur of the home.


Just in time!
by: Anonymous

The finished product looks at good in our time period as it did when it was first built. The creativity and planning that went into the color design were simply amazing. I as a casual looker in the area noticed the color scheme and was amazed as to how well the colors flowed as though it was meant to be. Congrats to the design company and if this is the type of work that they do, they will be great not only now but into the next century as well..........

by: Anonymous

i really enjoyed seeing this restoration...thank you dustin....

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