Different Color Feature Walls

by Belle
(Chicago, IL)

Different colors on dining room walls

Different colors on dining room walls

When my husband and I moved into our first home together it was a mess. The colors were bright and well over the top. As a result I decided to get creative with my changes. Our living room/dining room was the first room I tackled.

Picking the colors to me was simple. I knew that I liked shades of brown and I thought that it would be a good accent with my furniture as I had a red couch and did not want to clash anything with it.

In doing so I painted each wall a different shade of the same color, the result was breathtaking.

I went with different colors to add depth to the room, and to draw your eye away from the carpet, which needed to be replaced.

I have very high ceilings in the room and wanted to make sure that the room was not lost in that. By having different colors and yes even textures on the walls, your eyes were drawn to the back wall, which was lighter than the others.

Tips and advice would be to paint one wall a day, do not try and paint with different colors in the same day, this will allow the paint to dry and give you time to make certain that you are happy with the color before moving onto another color.

Also make sure that you take the time to tape off everything.

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Shades of the same color work very well.
by: Liz Keiley

Wow, this isn't an idea I would have though of as working but it looks spectacular! The room looks fresh and inviting and the variety of shades of the same color work brilliantly. Thanks for the tip.

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