Decorative Painting Technique "Clouds" On the Ceiling

by Casey Heaton
(Kingsport, TN, USA)

Painted clouds on our bedroom ceiling

Painted clouds on our bedroom ceiling

When we decided to paint our bedroom ceiling, we wanted to create something both relaxing and fun. We naturally chose clouds. We wanted the clouds to look airy and artistic, so we decided to use a dark blue paint for the base, and then go over it with white, yellow, and gold colors.

The color choices made it seem a bit more like an evening sky to me, and also matched our gold colored walls. Our ceiling is also textured, so that provided more depth for the "cloudscape".

My husband and I both chipped in on the work. He did the base paint, and I followed after it had dried with the actual "clouds".

I used layers of paint and tried applying it with sponges, brushes, and, believe it or not, plastic bags to achieve the look I wanted! We finished our ceiling up with glass baubles we had collected in the past.

If you're interested in painting your ceiling, I do have a bit of advice from trial and error to give. Make sure you tape off your walls! My husband almost neglected to do this, and we would have had blue splatters on our gold walls.

I recommend using rollers for the base coat (you can sponge it on, too though), as it's easier than doing everything by hand. I also recommend making the most out of your painted ceiling, whether it's buying fun decorations to hang from it, or incorporating other finishing touches.

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by: oprinat

It's a great age to an artist. There are so many options and mediums to choose from, that the choice is virtually limitless. We mustn't forget where it has all started: The Renaissance Italy which was invaluable for the development of European culture.

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