Black Metallic Accent Wall in the Foyer

by Casey
(Kingsport, TN, USA)

Black accent wall with a sponged-on finish

Black accent wall with a sponged-on finish

When we moved into our house, our foyer wall just blended in with everything. As it's right under the stairs, we decided it would be a unique place to create an accent wall, and would make a good focal point in our home, keep things flowing smoothly, and be a treat for the eyes.

We chose to use a flat dark gray (almost black) base paint with metallic speckles over it, applied with sponges.

It coordinates well with our light fixtures in the same area, and we had a few home decoration items that also went well with it.

We didn't have a particularly hard time choosing this wall, since it was right in the middle of everything and in such a different place. I also though it had an interesting shape to it, and would look wonderful if it stood out more.

If you're looking to successfully paint an accent wall of your own, my advice is to take your time.

You'll want to make sure you have the right wall, don't choose one that overwhelms the whole living space or looks awkward. You want it to do just what the name suggests, which is provide an accent in the space.

I advise picking up a number of paint swatches and looking into different types of paints and painting techniques. The wall should be uniquely yours and something you will enjoy for many years.

I hope everyone else enjoys their walls as much as we enjoy ours!

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by: Yelena

I love it! The effect is very dramatic and impressive, but not overwhelming (you are right) even though you used such a bold color. Your choice of wall is unique, and the color/finish is perfect for highlighting the shape of the wall and drawing attention to the beautiful wrought iron elements in the staircase and your decor. 5 stars!

by: Anonymous

That is so elegant! It looks so nice! Great job!!

by: angie

absolutely love this. It definitely does look very elegant. and it is so beautiful to look at. I know the sponging process is tedious and everyone says its such a pain to do but i see how pretty it looks and it shows that it is worth it :) great job!

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