"Aged Plaster" Faux Finish on the Kitchen Walls

by Doug Fischer
(Pittsburgh, PA, USA)



In our kitchen, we were very tired of the same old wallpaper, and paint was just too flat for us. So what we did was try out a DIY "faux finish" kit that we bought at the Home Depot, which makes your walls look like they were covered in plaster years and years ago, and have since aged beautifully.

It's a lovely-looking project we took on, and it turned out just how we wanted. The whole thing was relatively inexpensive, which was the best part.

But after working to get it right, it paid off rather nicely, if I do say so. There's pride in your work, and there's arrogance, and I have to admit it went fantastically.

You put a thickened, plaster-based paint on a trowel-like tool. The amount on the tool is usually about half of a cup of material.

Then you simply slap it on in a weird, angled motion. Globs of it go on the wall, diagonally, all over the place in a seemingly random and strange way. You have to put it on enough so there's a fine texture to it, but not thick.

During the application process, the texture might even look very odd and uneven. And then you put paint on top of it. After that, you put a sealant coat on it. Then, after the sealant dries, you polish it.

The polishing is done with the metal scraper thing again, pressed against it, repeatedly. It created a weird finish that looks like an old Tuscan wall. It looks like old plaster that's been rubbed over a bunch of times.

The entire process takes a few hours. It came out very nicely, looking like a green coating of ancient plaster, laid out beautifully on an ancient wall.

P.S. Sorry about the poor quality photo!

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sounds good
by: Greg

The photo doesn't matter - by the sound of your enthusiasm you must have done a nice job!

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