Accent Wall in a Girl's Bedroom

by Brittany
(Castaic, CA, USA)

My red feature wall

My red feature wall

Choosing the color for this wall was extremely easy. Since it is a bedroom, my first step was to find the bedding that I fell in love with. It turned out to be a suede red comforter.

It was my first time painting any wall a "real" color… ever. Pretty scary in a house full of white walls!

I wanted to match the bedding as much as possible. I had bought a throw of the same material and took it with me to the store to match the paint. Then took all those swatches home to see how it looked with the lighting in my room.

I chose the same wall as the bed because it was the only wall with out distraction (window, closet, door), and it was the only one my huge bed fit on.

But I realized that maybe a solid color wouldn’t be good enough so I added a Faux Finish by ragging a cranberry color lightly over the top.

Sounds weird, red wall with a red bed right in front of it. But I knew I was going to separate it with a light headboard or drapery.

We primed the wall first. The wall was already white so we wanted to make sure the paint didn’t bleed through. But we didn’t realize we should have bought a special TINTED primer so we wouldn’t have had to put so many coats.

We used Ralph Lauren Paint. Wasn’t too thrilled about it because it had a weird texture. But loved the color.

The finished product looks AMAZING! As you can see in the photo, I used the same color to paint random wall accents, shelves, small dresser (not pictured), ceiling fan blades, and the same fabric/colored drapery.

It's cozy, eye catching and makes the room feel deeper in length.

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Great job!
by: Yelena

Brittany, you are one of the rare people who took all the right steps to choosing a paint color for the walls - you started with an inspiration piece (your bedding), took it to a paint store (a lot of people try to match a color from memory), and then tested the paint chips in the lighting of your home (very few realize this even has to be done).

No wonder your painting project is a success! :)

Love the RED!!
by: Debbie

I LOVE what you did in this room and thanks for the primer tip!!

I'm also doing a red wall on an unobstructed wall so it's the focal point of the room.

I have a wrought iron bed which I'm spray painting black. But I have found the comforter set at Khols which has red flowers with grey the other walls WILL be a light grey and most of the furniture will be black.

I'll post pics once I'm done.

What colors did you use on the wall?
by: Tabatha

I saw the brand name of paint, but what were the colors you used? I want to use on an accent wall the same exact colors you used. Please let me know. Thank you!

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