My Soft Pink Bedroom Retreat

by Jess
(Austin, Texas, USA)

Soft pink paint color on the walls

Soft pink paint color on the walls

Soft pink paint color on the walls Another view of the pink wall Closeup of the pink paint color

I painted my bedroom walls with Bear paint; it is a warm pink color that reminds me of the sunset. I wanted to convey a feeling of coziness and peace in this room.
My major goal was for this space to really feel like a spiritual retreat from the day. I needed to make this a place where I could go to sit by the window at the end of the day to read, reflect, and truly retreat from the busy bustle of life.

I bought a used rocking chair from a local thrift store, and re-upholstered the cushions myself. I chose the fabric for the chair because it had the same beautiful blues and greens that I'd already had in my decor.

The white lace curtains and white bedspread were chosen to promote a sense of purity, and cleanliness. The pillow cases and sheets for the bed are blues and greens which also add to the sense of being in nature.

I then chose to hang a hand-made wooden shelving above to lay out candles, and other sentimental items given to me. Above the shelf, I centered pastel drawings which depicted fluid movement to drive the spiritual point further.

Above the bed I chose to hang a framed photograph of a spiritual journey my grandmother took in the early eighties, and surrounded that with hand-made dream catchers. As I lay to sleep at night I am able to feel her presence and guidance, watching over me.

This room became a true dedication to all the things in my life that give me a sense of peace, solace, and remembrance. I am able to meditate in this room every day because of the wonderful atmosphere created. This space had been incredibly inspiring.

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