Faux Painting Technique "Ragging"

by Brittany
(Castaic, CA, USA)

Faux Painting Finish

Faux Painting Finish

I decided to redo my bedroom. But when redoing a bedroom it's always best to pick your bedding before your wall color (easier to match that way).

I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do, no particular color, pattern, theme, or anything. When walking shopping one day I fell in love with a deep red suede comforter. No pattern, but when the suede hit different types of light at different angles I loved the look and texture it brought. So I decided to paint one wall that amazing deep red.
But just the plain red wouldn’t do the bedding any justice and would look plain because of how multidimensional the comforter was. So we had the idea to do a faux treatment to match the feeling you get from the comforter.

We decided on ragging it with a cranberry color. On its own it looks like a deep blue-ish purple. But over the red it almost looks black, but it makes it a little more subtle. We primed and painted the wall with the main color (be sure to tint the primer if painting a dark color over a very light wall). This was the first time doing any treatment on a wall.

When we began ragging my mom started on one corner and I was on the other. After the first few rags I looked at my mom's side and they looked completely different. She had bundled up her rag into a messy ball (which is one way to do it just not what I was looking for) – HINT: it's better for one person to do the whole wall so the pattern stays the same.

To get the look above I basically got the whole rag covered in paint and rung it completely out so it was stiffer. I then scrunched up the cloth into a ball, to give it depth. Then dabbed the scrunched cloth into the paint tray. I opened up the cloth to a desired size (for me was about 1/3 the size of the cloth when its fully flattened). Then lightly dab the cloth on the wall 2 or 3 times. And repeat.

Practice first on a piece of cardboard or poster board (the textured side not the smooth side) to make sure you get the technique you like. Then when you’re ready to begin, start in the corner or the side that is least visible, to make sure you really do like it. Then have fun.

I love how it turned out in my room. I have also posted a picture of my whole room when it was completely finished so you can see how it looks with the bedding and as an accent wall. The article is called “Accent Wall in a Girl's Bedroom” - it's on this site, check it out!

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