Additive Wiped Rag Painting Finish: Instructions

Single layer of glaze wiped on

Single layer of glaze wiped on

Single layer of glaze wiped on Multiple glaze layers applied

Materials and Tools:
Cloth rags
Satin finish latex paint
Faux technique clear glaze
Spray/misting bottle filled with water

Roll on the base color, and let it dry.
In the meantime, prepare a glazing solution - 1 part paint, and 1 part clear glaze.

When it has dried completely, dampen the surface using the spray bottle (or, you can also use a very wet rag instead).

After dampening the surface, saturate a rag with the glaze, and wipe the entire surface, working from the top down.

If the surface begins to dry out before the glaze is applied, wet it again with the spray bottle.

Be sparing with the extra water though: if the surface gets too wet, it will dilute the glaze as it is applied.

Too much moisture can even cause runs and drips, which are difficult to remove.

NOTE: This method requires a small working surface, and it is best if limited to areas no larger than five feet in width.

The first photo example above shows the effect of wiping the surface once; in the second image, the same blue glaze was used repeatedly until much of the white base color disappeared.

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